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Feb. 28th, 2008



 Tiltle: Marshmallow
Rating: U suitable for all 
Author: Cinderella_18 
Fandom : harry potter
Characters: James/Lilly, slight vernon/Petunia, sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter and others
Author's notes: Idea taken from Andy Griffith's Just stupid, he is a genious in slap stick writing. As well as the infamous marauders from hp !
DISCLAIMER: Ideas taken from Andy Griffith's just stupid , characters from the amazing JKR!! I love you so much. 
Summary; Basically Lilly has just turned 17 and has decided to throw a birthday party. The marauders decided to tag along and are left alone in a room full of marshmallows what could possible go wrong?
Comments would be nice :P

Dec. 18th, 2007


Happy birthday for tomorrow :D

Hope you have a great day :D

Did I mention it was my birthday in 8 days!

It's unfortuante but I was born on Chrismtas day. So people think this is a lovely day to be born on. I don't I know it's selfish but why could'nt my mum have crossed her legs for a few more hours. But alas I share a birthday with christ. And you know what's really annoying? it's when everyone pretends that they have'nt forgotten and said ' they'd decided to get you just one big present instead of two'. 
This makes me sound like a spoilt brat but the truth is that every year i had a party no one could come because they were doing things with their family. So now I'm going in a sulk.


But as I'm here I might as well ramble on about recent events, not that you'd care. As you know I give everyone a false names when I mention people  on here for instance my second eldest brother likes cats so he asked to be called felix. I know it's a bit cheesy but there you go. Any way last week we got a surprise when my third eldest brother decided to drop in at my room. We'll call him Sirius not because he is seriuos but becasue he reminds me of the character due to the fact he's know as a bit of Cassanova on the site. Any way he decided to bring along his latest bird. Let's call her a Trish. She was a dyed platinum blond, lipstick on teeth, short pink skirt, long legged, bimbo, and as we were celebrating something or other ( I can't remember what cos I drank quite a lot) we decided to clubbing. Half way through the night Trish's skirt was so far up her leg you could see her G string. She'd not checked  in the bathroom and I did'nt have the least intention of telling of her ( since she'd been calling my babe all evening). 

So bout the next morning I get a call from Trish (how she got my mobile number I'll never know) claiming that Sirius had done a runner that moring without saying goodbye (what a surprise!). She then decieded to ramble on to me about why Siruis did'nt think their realtionship was serious (maybe it's becasue you offer everything on a plate), and why he had'nt said anything about the new dress she'd bought from primark (Maybe it's becasue he does'nt care what you're wearing as long as he gets you out of it quickly) . This lasted about hour by the way, as if I did'nt have anyting else to do like sleep!!  So after a long period of time when I wanted to scream 'IT'S BECAUSE YOU PUT THE E IN EASY!!!' I told her in the most politeist terms that may be she was making her self to availiable. At this point she screamed at me yelling ' WHAT THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW ANYWAY ! iT'S NOT LIKE YOU'VE BEEN OUT WITH HIM AND GOT CLOSE TO HIM! (eewww why would I he's my brother) HE TRUSTS ME AND OPENS UP TO ME. HE TOLD ME HE NEVER FELT THIS WAY ABOUT ANY OTHER GIRL' . To which I replied, ' I'm sure he did mean that as much as he meant it to all the other girls he slept with recently'.  Then I slammed the phone down and resumed my sleep. 

The next day i was wondering if i was going to get a telling of by Siruis for ruing it with Trish, but he did'nt say anything in fact he looked a bit relieved. When I asked him about how she got my phone number he replied' Oh I've given it to loads of girls, when they don't stop pestering me, you can be unofficial dumping answering machine'.  'Thanks' 

From now on I'm just not going to pick up the phone.

Dec. 2nd, 2007


The extent of my pulling power

You know that after the last incindent of the masturbating man I have a phobia of public transport well today I took the bus. I know brave! But als I seem to have certain vibe that must draw all  odd people to me. As you know (or do you I can't remember if I've told you what I look like.....)I'm not exactly a looker , with my  flat boy chest , and my freakish black bob with purple streaks ( you all know about the plum dying incindent)as well as  habbit of making frineds with boys and not chatting them up so they look at me like a sister , I do however have long legs. Anyway that's no the point what I mean to say is that I look rather small for my age. And are often mistaking for some one younger. I'm ID is constantly checked at clubs. 

So any way on the bus I sat opposite a young teenage boy (with the requisite big pants and bad posture)who caught my eye. Seeing that I was carring a guitar case. He enquires 'Do you play?'. When I answered yes, he effected vague intrest by asking, "So what school do you go to?" whilst blushing severly. I don't know whether to be honured or slightly emabrresed. I turn 19 on the 25th and he was easily 13. In a way it was cute, but still a bit creepy. Give it 30 years I might be craving youthfull attention, but for now stay back!!!

Any hoot I gave him a swift smile (in which I hope was a kind of charmed yet endured smile) and got off at the next stop. Only to realise that my desired stop was like two miles away and I was still lugging around this dammed guitar. DAMM!

And to think I thought 'Bowling for soup' was one of those lame emo bands

Today I've just heard the most amazing song. It came on the radio and I only caught the end bit. So after repeatedly humming and attempting to sing the song to people. I tracked it down on blessed Youtube. It's amazing. it's like the song of my life. Go on have a listen it will blow you're brains. Oh and since I'mm still reading harry potter I found it on HP fanvid to match. So enjoy

Nov. 27th, 2007


I'm coping ...... just!

Okay so this is my second attempt at writing this  entry  since the first one nearly went to lifein1973.EEKKK that would have beeen  embrassing!!

Anyway I know it's been a while since I posted but you can stop worrying I'm not dead or to drunk I can't reach my keyborad. I've just been busy .Okay that's an understament. There piling it on us and I'll be the first to say it I'm HOMESICK!! I'm miss my annoying brothers, the house, my dad, the animals, the garden , the oak andd most of all my friends. Now that we're all at uni we're all at sepreate sides of the country. Okay so Dan rang but that does'nt count he rings all the time. 

My roomates are okay I guess. But Ray who said we'd be still BF4E is starting to hang out with this emo crowd who all look like they silt their wirsts and take coke, but hay I'm sure they are lovely people when you get to know them.
But still I don't think I'm ever going to make proper friends here whilst I'm comparing them to my old ones.

Another thing that has changed is that I've gone off gene/sam I know shocker!!!! I don't know what it si maybe its the fact that LOM has finnished or maybe due to the fact that A2A is starting and the thought just leaves me cold. This does'nt help me whilst writing to complete isloated fic.
But I'm more into Remus/Sirus with some severurs snape/ lilly evans This is hugley  to the 7th HP which I loved.

But hay I made two months and a bit and I'm still here right!! That's an achievement in itself. I will continue to read HP fics and contineullay listen to Huey Lewis and the News - The Power of Love . Don't laugh it make me feel better
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Oct. 21st, 2007


Dumbledore is gay!! welll DU'RRR!!

Am I the only one to have guessed this ????

I'm sorry but after 100 years and no girlfriend! The artical in question said that 'harry potter author J.K.Rowling has just outed one of the most famous characters revealing that Dumbledore is homosexual. The author told the audience of children in New York that she believed the beared headmaster of Hogwarts school had fallen in love with the evil rival Gellert grindelwald.
She said ' I saw a script read through for the 6th film, and they had Dumbledore saying to Harry, " I knew a gril once, whose hair was...." So i had to write in the margin , "DUMBLEDORE IS GAY!!!" 
The millionaire author sasid that thinking of him like this helped to explain why he had fallen in with the evil scheme of Grindelwald's when he was so young man.'

well it definalty explains all his coloured chocie of robes

Sep. 19th, 2007


OMG someone hold me please!!!

It's been awhile since my last entry I have been sooooooo busy. I literally have'nt had a chance to stop.After been excepted uni I went on a rampage of spending for our flat. ( I say our flat I mean a flat I'm sharing with my friend raven) Most of the things we've been being are from Ikea. (god help us)

I'm full of nurves and exciment. This is my first time away from home. I'm excited at the prospect of paying for my own bills, but worried if anything goes wrong. I guess growing up with four  brothers and dad, I've beena bit molly coddled. Every since my mum died we've become a much tighter knit family, and I've got to used to it. It's going to be so weird just me and ray. I'm used to animals barking, dad shouting, my brothers music playing too loud, and me and Nick fighting. Compared to the peacefull sorrunding of the student life (well as peacefull as a student life is) it's going to be quite a cultrul shock.

Any way that's about it for now back to packing, worring and stressing :P


Aug. 16th, 2007



omg omg omg omg.



I GOT an A in Biology 
a B = maths
and a B =   ART
And you knwo what Felix said when I got them "Hay you're not as thick as you look'. Charming. but who gives a figg right now when  it's officall that  this september I will be joing hundreds of other students in UNI. OMG still can't get over the shock. i thought i'd failed for sure! just goes to show all that hard work. OMG got to go to celebrate in student style with cheep larger some MCR.


Aug. 7th, 2007


PUBLIC HUMILLATION is my only weapon against weirdos on buses !

Oh What a day. That is the last time I go on public transport with the public again. I was riding the bus from town in the afternoon with all the office noobs that get the bus at that time, when I noticed the man across form me fiddling aound inside his jeans. And I was like 'Okay this is a bit weird maybe he's just adjusting himself ' So I ignore  him for a bit and go back to my book. ( harry potter and the deathly hallows again) The next time I look up up the adjusting has changed to pumping, stroking, whatever you like to call it. And judging form his face he is definitely enjoying himself, obviously, pleasuring himself. And he's not doing it at me , but it's in field of my vision. But as a young 18 year old I feel this kind of behevior is unacceptabel. I's public transport for F*ck's sake . We all have the right for public space don't we!!! DON'T WE! 

I looked around the rest of the bus and it's obvious that I'm not the only one to have noticed, but they are ignoring the masturbating man as hard as they can. All trying to concentrate on other things like their ipods excetra. But meanwhile he's still going at and by the look from his face he's getting some speed up. 

I tried giving him one of my best evil looks, but it just seems to encourage him. For F*ck's sake what will put a stop to him. And it hits me like someon switching on a light bulb above my head. PUBLIC HUMILLATION! 

So standing up to address the rest of the bus I announce to the people " Ladies and gentlementhis man is masturbating. Let's all give him a round of applause!" and start clapping. Some people joined in and clapped with me, and of course the majority just slightly thought."Oh God, look at the crazy student what she been takeing!" 

But I felt better that soemthing was said. And the guy was sufficiently embarrassed to get off at the next stop.

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